Pervak Evgenia
Inspired by impressionism, she creates works reminiscent of oil on-canvas paintings. In the limited-edition series My Secret Garden, Evgenia strives to connect the viewer with their inner harmony. Fine lines and noble pastels express flowers as a symbol of pure beauty»

— Aesthetica Magazine, issue 103 October/November 2021, United Kingdom

Evgenia Pervak is an inspired fine art photographer, based in Kiev, Ukraine.

In her limited edition series she strives to connect us with our inner harmony. Evgenia, using fine lines and noble pastels, shows flowers as a symbol of pure, tranquil beauty as she creates pieces, truly reminiscent of “oil-on-canvas”.

Over the course of the past 15 years, Evgenia has been leading the life of a jet-setter, travelling with her family for work, sharing her time between Italy, Singapore, China and her home base in Ukraine. This allows her to rely on a deeply intertwined intercultural perspective of the world. Her journey thus far, has deeply influenced her aesthetic. She is inspired by the works of a myriad of artists and painters - ranging from classical impressionists, to modern art exhibitions, theater, architecture, and the world of fashion design.

Her Series «My Secret Garden» has been awarded Honorable Mention in 2021 Prix de la Photographie de Paris, International Photography Awards, Los Angeles and ND Awards, London.

Her clean and simple aesthetic leaves nothing to hide behind, and as she continues to evolve as an artist, so does her style and framing of natural universal values.

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